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4x137 MM To 5x4.5" Wheel Adapters Hub Centric 4 To 5 Lug Conversion

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Qty | Thickness
4x137 MM Hub Bore
5x4.5" Wheel Bore
Qty | Thickness
4x137 MM Hub Bore
5x4.5" Wheel Bore

4x137 MM To 5x4.5" Wheel Adapters Hub Centric 4 To 5 Lug Conversion

** This Product Is Made To Order, May Take Up To 7 Business Days To Ship **
Adapters are sold as a single pieces.
These wheel adapters allow you to mount wheels with a different bolt pattern count onto your vehicle.

The wheel adapter consists of two separate pieces that will be assembled together:

Bottom Piece Attachment: The bottom piece of the adapter is attached directly to the vehicle's hub. This is likely where the original wheel would attach.

Second Piece Attachment: The second piece of the adapter is attached to the bottom piece. This is where the new wheel will be mounted. This second piece allows for a different bolt pattern.

Securing Mechanism: The second piece is secured to the bottom piece using countersink allen bolts. Countersinking involves creating a recess in the material to allow the bolt head to sit flush or below the surface to avoid interference.

Dowel Pins: Dowel pins are used in conjunction with the countersink bolts to provide additional alignment and stability. They ensure that the two pieces are accurately aligned before tightening the bolts.

Thread Locker: Thread locker is recommended for specific areas:
- On the lug nuts attached to the first plate (bottom piece). This helps prevent the lug nuts from loosening due to vibrations and normal driving conditions.
- On the countersink bolts that secure the second piece to the bottom piece. This prevents these bolts from coming loose over time.


  • Compatibility: These adapters are designed to work with both factory and aftermarket wheels.
  • Hub/Wheel Centric: The adapters are hub and wheel centric, which means they provide a secure fit and will not vibrate at high speeds.
  • Hardware Included: The kit includes pressed-in studs and lug nuts, as well as all necessary hardware for installation.


Bolt Pattern: 4x137 mm

Hub Bore: 80 mm

Wheel Pattern: 5x4.5" | 5x114.3 mm

Wheel Bore: 56.1 mm | 60.1 mm | 64.1 mm | 66.1 mm | 67.1 mm | 70.6 mm | 71.5 mm

Thickness: 1.5 Inch | 2 Inch

Thread Pitch: 12x1.5

Stud Length: 1.25"

Finish: Raw Aluminum

Material: Billet 6061 Aluminum T-6

Hardware: 10.9 Grade Steel

Torque Specs: 90 Ft/Lb ( Recommended 

Please note that proper installation and safety precautions are essential when using wheel adapters, as incorrect installation could lead to wheel separation, loss of control, and accidents. If you're not confident in performing this installation yourself, it's advisable to seek professional help or consult with experts in the field.

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