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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Jordan Brady
      Best powder coated lugs I’ve found.

      I’ve used several powder coated lug sets before (none from Venum until now) and every single one of those sets got marked during installation even using all sorts of methods to not mark them. My wife just got new wheels for her Jeep and wanted spikes to match mine. I got her a set of Pink Spiked lugs from Venum and not a single one got marked during installation. Extremely happy and pleased with the quality. I do wish they had more options for the quantity but they do offer the option to purchase individually also which I haven’t found from other companies. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer, keep up the awesome work!! Can’t wait to see the new color options!

      Krystal Black
      Amazing People

      I ordered a set of lug nuts and received the wrong color, they offered to switch them out no questions asked. Upon receiving the second set and the color being perfect I realized I ordered the wrong size in the first place. These people were so amazing and nice they refunded my money so that I could repurchase the exact ones that I wanted and they had it shipped to my house within like 3 days. Their customer service is through the roof. Quality of my product is perfect in my car looks fantastic.

      William Laurik
      Very happy with them

      Paint is very durable good looking products