Variety of colors to choose from

Endless Colors

At Venum, we have a selection of over 50 + custom colors with an option of a gloss, wrinkle or flat finish for all thread pitches. All of our colors are coated with premium powder coat while rigorously tested for durability and optimal use. Our 10.9 grade steel lug nuts are designed in-house using CNC machinery.

What is Powder Coating? 

Powder coating is a two-stage process. First, the product is sprayed with powder using an electrostatically charged powder gun, to adhere to the product; it is then cured inside a powder coating oven to melt the powder and lock onto the part. This process creates a strong and durable bond that lasts and helps protect the metal underneath. For an even stronger bond, we offer different clear coat options that hold up to 3000 hour salt spray at an additional cost

Superior quality

All products go through a variety of QC tests to ensure the highest quality is being sold. Each part is handled by one of our production associates who work to ensure that the quality of each part is at it’s prime!

Our process consists of a 4-stage method that we are excited to share! First, our products are sanded down to the bare metal. Second, we preheat our products to clean off all oils and debris. Next, we begin the two stage coating process. Lastly, we finalize the product through a quality inspection for packaging in our double corrugated boxes with foam, to ensure that there's no damage caused to the parts during courier transportation.

Choose the right color.

Here's a list of different colors to choose from: