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6x5" To 6x5.5" Wheel Adapters Hub Centric Conversion Billet

** This Product Is Made To Order, May Take Up To 7 Business Days To Ship **


Custom Adapters Available.

At Venum, We Test Our Products For Perfect Fitment And Strength.



Our 6x5" To 6x5.5" Hub Centric Conversion Wheel Adapters are engineered for 6 Lug trucks. They widen your tire track by 1-3 inches on each side, thus improving the look of your vehicle and accommodating wider custom wheels. Venum Wheel Accessory products are developed and rigorously tested by ASE certified specialists and local off-road shops. The Aerospace 6061 T-6 aluminum we use is renowned for its strength and light weight. This premium material is guaranteed to withstand even the most extreme environments. We use 10.9 Grade Steel pressed in studs which ensure that once our spacers are properly installed, they stay installed without risk of vibrations or imbalance.

  • If The 4 Pc Kit Is Selected , We Will Include A Free Thread Locker

  • Changes Your 6x5" Bolt Pattern To A 6x5.5" (6x139.7) Wheel Pattern
  • These Adapters Will Work With Factory & Aftermarket Wheels
  • Hub/Wheel Centric: Will Not Vibrate At High Speeds
  • Improve Vehicles Handling Characteristics
  • Improve Incorrect Wheel Offsets
  • Enhance Vehicle Appearance; Aggressive Stance
  • Pressed in studs & Lug Nuts included
  • This kit includes all necessary hardware for installation.
  • Specifically Design For Extreme Duty 6 Lug Trucks; Drag Racing, Burnouts, Towing Safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • SPECS:
  • Bolt Pattern: 6x5 (6x127 MM)
  • Wheel Pattern: 6x5.5" (6x139.7 MM)
  • Hub Bore: 78.1 MM
  • Wheel Bore: 78.1 MM | 93.1 MM | 106 MM | 108 MM
  • Thickness: 1 - 3 Inches
  • Thread Pitch: 12x1.5
  • Stud Length: 1.5"
  • Color: Raw / Black Finish Depends on Material Availability
  • Outside Diameter: ------- MM
  • Material: Forged 6061 T-6 Aluminum
  • Hardware: 10.9 Grade Steel
  • Weight: ------- Lbs Per Piece
  • Torque Specs: 130 Ft/Lb ( Recommended )

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  • Customer Reviews

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    Chas Casebier
    High Quality Hub Centric/Wheel Centric Adapters

    I wanted to update the 17x7 wheels on my 03' GMC Envoy and had a hard time finding something with the 6x5 (6x127) bolt pattern. Custom wheels were too expensive and I wanted a factory wheel. Purchased adapters from Venom that converted the bolt pattern to 6x5.5 (6x139.7) which is a very common pattern on many different vehicles. Was able to pick up some 18x8.5 factory take offs from a 21' Suburban for cheap and with the 1.25" added spacing from the adapters the wheels are just how I like them with the tire tread slightly outside the fender wells. These adapters have a lip machined on the outside of the bore hole that fits the wheels (78.1) perfectly! This is ideal because the adapters are hub centric with the correct bore size so the adapter is supported and centered by the hub, not the lug nuts and the wheel is then centered and supported by the lip on the adapter so very easy to install the wheels and lug nuts. No vibrations and a smooth ride! I was fortunate that Venom had the adapters in stock so be sure to call them if you can't find what you need online and I highly recommend having them make you a set if needed with the proper bore hole for your vehicle and wheels. High quality craftsmanship and materials used on their products and I'm very happy with the price I paid as they were slightly more than the generic options I saw online without the wheel centric lip but less than other custom products from other fabricators. I give two thumbs up for Venom products!