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14x1.5 TWO Piece Short Spike Lug Nut - Various Colors

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14x1.5 TWO Piece Short Spike Lug Nut - Various Colors

** This Product Is Made To Order, May Take Up To 3 Business Days To Ship **

Custom Colors Available. 


Our 14x1.5 TWO Piece Short Spike Lug Nut - Various Colors are designed for optimal durability, making it safer to use in the toughest conditions. These spike lug nuts are the perfect way to finish your new wheel installation. Similarly, our lug nuts are made of 10.9 grade steel and made of several finishes that are easy to choose from! Whether you're looking for a gloss, matte, wrinkle, chrome, or even a custom color, we can powder coat them for you! Our products work for various models because we carry them in stock. Similarly, some lug nuts will work for cars and trucks depending on the seating type of the wheel, and therefore, making a universal product was a thing at Venum. We chose simplicity and because of this, we've created more than just an automotive wheel accessory.

 - * Fitment Notes * -

  • Wheels Must Have A Conical " Acorn " Seat
  • Typically Used On Aftermarket Wheels
  • Will Work With Or Without Wheel Spacers / Wheel Adapters



  • These Lug Nuts Will Work With Aftermarket Wheels Only
  • The Custom Extra Long Key Socket Makes It Harder For Thieves To Remove The Wheel
  • Enhance Vehicle Appearance; Aggressive Stance
  • This kit includes all necessary hardware for installation.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Style: 8 Series Spike
  • Height: 3.10" Tall
  • Width: 19 MM
  • Finish: Various colors
  • Texture: Smooth / Flat / Wrinkle / Raw
  • Thread Pitch: 14x1.5
  • Seat: Conical ( Cone ) Acorn
  • Material: 10.9 Steel
  • Torque Specs: 120 Ft/Lb ( Recommended )

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