Gen III 5.3 LS Engine DBC + 4L80 Transmission + Harness | Turn Key Package

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If you're swapping an LS into a muscle car or upgrading the engine in your late model 'Vette, look no further. We have turnkey kits available and ready to ship to your door!


Venum Racing


The 5.3 LS displacement engines were first produced in 2001 and continued all the way thru 2010. These engines produced anywhere from 295/335 to 320/340. Compression ratio also varied on their engine codes. 


Our 5.3 LS displacements are fully teared and cleaned with steam. All residue is removed, and painted if desired. All engines vary in miles but have no more than 150K. Our displacement engines are put back together to proper specs with all new gaskets and seals. If desired, accessory components can be powder coated. We also offer camshaft swaps at an additional cost. We offer 6 month warranty for all drive-train components, and it does not include accessories such as pumps, filters, pulleys, bolts, manifolds, etc...

*Contact us for full list of exclusions. 


 Shipping is included to all over the USA!

4.8 LS engine

 Engine Displacement

 Venum Racing 5.3 LS Based Engine offers maximum reliability. The 5.3 is stacked with power for reliability, and comfort.




92 MM Drive-by-cable



PCM Delphi Blue/Red or Delphi Blue Green 24x crank reluctor
HARNESS Venum Racing Standalone Harness


MANIFOLD Stock, or Aftermarket* pricing varies


WATER PUMP Stock or Aftermarket* pricing varies


Stock or Aftermarket* pricing varies      
ALTERNATOR Stock or Aftermarket* pricing varies


*Ask us about our different accessory options: 



With a 5.3 LS Engine there's no better pairing than with a 4L80 Tremec transmission. These transmissions are removed from vehicles that have 150k miles, or less. These transmission were produced for towing, and durability.



Wiring Harness

The first thing people notice when taking a closer at our wiring harnesses is the loom, and plugs. All of our work is made in-house with OEM Plugs, and high quality, and durable loom to ensure long lasting products. Harness wiring is tested on an in-house made stand and each plug is tested for voltage, and/or signal. We offer a brand new (not re-loomed) wiring harness. 


LS Standalone

Connect & Cruise Powertrain System

Connect & Cruise Crate Powertrain Systems provide factory-matched engine-and-transmission combinations that include specially calibrated controllers and wire harnesses designed for retrofit installations in older vehicles.