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      GM Vehicles

      Bolt Pattern: 6x120 MM
      Hub Bore: 66.9 MM
      Thread Pitch: 14x1.5

      Wheel Adapters

      • 6x120 MM
      • 6x120 MM To 6x4.5"
      • 6x120 MM To 6x135 MM
      • 6x120 MM To 6x5.5"
      • 6x120 MM To 6x4.5"
      • 6x120 MM To 8x6.5"
      • 6x120 MM To 8x170 MM

      Lug Nuts

      This collection contains different styles of lug nuts, including our 1 series, Closed End, Spikes , 7-Spline, Wheel Locks & Oem lug nuts.

      Wheel Spacers

      • 6x120 MM

      Hub Rings

      • 66.9 MM To Many Sizes Available

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